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Georgy Fedoseevich Voronoy

Birth date:

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28 April 1868

Zhuravka, Poltava guberniya, Russia (now Ukraine)

20 Nov 1908

Warsaw, Poland

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Georgy Voronoy studied at the gymnasium in Priluki graduating in 1885. He then entered the University of St Petersburg, joining the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics.

After graduating from St Petersburg in 1889, Voronoy decided to remain there and work for his teaching qualification. He was awarded a Master's Degree in 1894 for a dissertation on the algebraic integers associated with the roots of an irreducible cubic equation .

Voronoy lectured at Warsaw University, being appointed professor of pure mathematics there. He wrote his doctoral thesis on algorithms for continued fractions which he submitted to the University of St Petersburg. In fact both Voronoy's master's thesis and his doctoral thesis were of such high quality that they were awarded the Bunyakovsky prize by the St Petersburg Academy of Sciences .

Later Voronoy worked on the theory of numbers, in particular he worked on algebraic numbers and the geometry of numbers. He extended work by Zolotarev and his work was the starting point for Vinogradov 's investigations. His methods were also used by Hardy and Littlewood .

In 1904 Voronoy attended the Third International Congress of Mathematicians at Heidelberg. There he met Minkowski and they discovered that they were each working on similar topics.

Source:School of Mathematics and Statistics University of St Andrews, Scotland