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Yulian-Karl Vasilievich Sokhotsky

Birth date:

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Date of death:

Place of death:

2 Feb 1842

Warsaw, Russian Empire (now Poland)

14 Dec 1927

Leningrad, USSR (now St Petersburg, Russia)

Presentation Wikipedia
Sokhotsky entered the Warsaw state gymnasium for primary education in 1850. In 1860 he enrolled in the Physics and Mathematics Faculty at the University of St Petersburg. He was awarded his Master's Degree in 1867 for a dissertation Theory of integrals with applications. In this thesis Sokhotsky discussed the Cauchy integral and the theory of analytic functions, which he called "single-valued".

He received a doctorate from St Petersburg in 1873. His doctoral dissertation On definite integrals and functions with application in expansion of series was an early investigation of the theory of singular integral equations . It investigated in detail Cauchy-type integrals which played an important role in boundary value problems in the theory of functions of a complex variable.

Sokhotsky became a professor at the University of St Petersburg in 1883. Influenced by Chebyshev , he studied special functions , in particular Jacobi polynomials and Lamé functions. His work is important in the development of the theory of functions, in particular having applications in the theory of hypergeometric series and differential equations .

Other topics Sokhotsky studied included Zolotarev 's theory of divisibility of algebraic numbers .

Source:School of Mathematics and Statistics University of St Andrews, Scotland