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Dmitrii Sintsov

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21 Nov 1867

Viatka (now Kirov), Russia

28 Jan 1946

Kharkov, Ukraine

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Dmitrii Sintsov attended Kazan University, graduating in 1890. He was appointed to the staff at Kazan and taught there from 1894 to 1899.

After leaving Kazan, Sintsov taught at the Odessa Higher Mining School, then, in 1903, he was appointed to Kharkov University where he taught until his death in 1946. He took a leading role in the development of mathematics at Kharkov University and, for many years, he was President of the Kharkov Mathematical Society . This Society is one of the early mathematics societies and was founded in 1879.

Sintsov's main areas of interest were in the theory of conics and applications of this geometrical theory to the solution of differential equations and to the theory of nonholonomic differential geometry .

At Kharkov University, Sintsov created a school of geometry which has continued to flourish through the years and is today a leading centre. There he studied the geometry of Monge equations and he introduced the important ideas of asymptotic line curvature of the first and second kind.

Sintsov also took an interest in the history of mathematics and one of the major projects which he undertook in this area was the detailed study of the work of previous mathematicians at Kharkov University. This work provides a fascinating account of the development of mathematics there from the founding of the university in 1805.

Source:School of Mathematics and Statistics University of St Andrews, Scotland