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Max Noether

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24 Sept 1844

Mannheim, Baden, Germany

13 Dec 1921

Erlangen, Germany

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Max Noether suffered an attack of polio when he was 14 years old and it left him with a handicap for the rest of his life.

He attended the University of Heidelberg from 1865 and obtained a doctorate from there in 1868. After this he lectured at Heidelberg and moved from Heidelberg to a chair at Erlangen where he remained for the rest of his life.

Max Noether was one of the leaders of nineteenth century algebraic geometry . He was influenced by Abel , Riemann , Cayley and Cremona . Following Cremona , Max Noether studied the invariant properties of an algebraic variety under the action of birational transformations.

In 1873 he proved an important result on the intersection of two algebraic curves. Nine years later, in 1882, his daughter Emmy Noether was born. Emmy became interested in many similar topics to her father and generalised some of his theorems.

Source:School of Mathematics and Statistics University of St Andrews, Scotland