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Yurii Alekseevich Mytropolsky

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3 Jan 1917

Shyshaky, Myrhorod, Poltava gubernia, Ukraine

Yurii Mytropolsky attended the Kazakh University in Alma-Ata (renamed Almaty in 1991). Alma-Ata is Soviet version of the Kazakh name Almaty for the capital of Kazakhstan, meaning "Father of Apples". It took this name in 1921 having previously been named Verny. Kazakh Al-Farabi State University was very new when Mytropolsky entered it, the University being founded in 1934.

Mytropolsky graduated from the Kazakh University in 1942. He was appointed to the Institute of Constructive Mechanics of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukraine in 1946, moving to the Institute of Mathematics of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukraine in 1951.

From 1951 Mytropolsky taught at Kiev University and continued teaching there when made Director of the Institute of Mathematics in 1958. He held the post of Director of the Institute for 30 years, expanding the work of the Institute. Petryshyn writes in :

During Yu Mytropolsky's directorship (1958-88), the institute experienced a great expansion in research personnel and mathematical disciplines, and an improvement in the quality of research.

Samoilenko worked with Mytropolsky on many joint mathematical projects and when Mytropolsky retired from the directorship of the Institute in 1988 Samoilenko took over the directorship.

In Petryshyn summarises Mytropolsky's work as follows:

Mytropolsky has made major contributions to the theory of oscillations and nonlinear mechanics as well as the qualitative theory of differential equations . He further developed asymptotic methods and applied them to the solution of practical problems. He extended the Krylov Bogoluibov symbolic method to nonlinear systems and extended asymptotic methods in the theory of nonlinear mechanics. Using a method of successive substitutes, he constructed a general solution for a system of nonlinear equations and studied its behaviour in the neighbourhood of the quasi-periodic solution. He also successfully applied the averaging method to the study of oscillating systems with slowly varying parameters.

In 1955 Mytropolsky and Bogoluibov published a monograph on asymptotic methods in nonlinear oscillations. This work was to lead to further advances by the Kiev school, in particular they applied asymptotic methods to partial and functional differential equations.

Mytropolsky was elected to the Academy of Sciences of the Ukraine in 1961 and to the Academy of Sciences of the USSR in 1984. He was also honoured by the award of the A M Lyapunov Gold Medal in 1987.

Source:School of Mathematics and Statistics University of St Andrews, Scotland