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Béla Kerékjártó

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1 Oct 1898

Budapest, Hungary

26 June 1946

Gyöngyos, Hungary

Presentation Wikipedia
Béla Kerékjártó received his Ph.D. from Budapest, then taught at Szeged from 1922 and Budapest from 1938. The first three monographs on topology were by Veblen (1922), Kerékjártó (1923), and Lefschetz (1924).

Kerékjártó's book sold best but it is a very bad book with large parts of it being wrong. Similarly most of Kerékjártó's papers are full of gaps and mistakes, although around 1940 he wrote some papers which appear to be correct.

He never knew the notation for set inclusion, union and intersection.

Source:School of Mathematics and Statistics University of St Andrews, Scotland